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the QUEEN and her BLING

It all started out as a 'blogger & advertiser"

relationship but after a few times with Jacelyn

I had already became good friend with this blogger friend of mine. HAHAHHA

never had been so comfy wit this blogger friend of mine.

We always had so much to chat and

she is ever ready to lemme try new things on her nails!

She had so much patience with me!

I still rmb the 1st time i did her nails

was the ever challenging task: creating a 3D unicorn on her thumb!

and tata~


Her instagram video!

#bloggernails #cnynails #gelishmanicure #homebasedsaloninhougang #homeservice #houganghomebase #hougangmanicure #manicure #3dacrylic #unicorn #3dunicorn

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